Play that funky liturgical music!

Encouraging example of a substantive liturgical structure, combined with contemporary worship music, from Bob Kauflin (Sovereign Grace Ministries).  Having a good liturgy does not mean we always have to sing golden-oldie hymns like we’re at a funeral!

And, if you want some funky Psalm-tunes, check out these two versions of Genevan Psalms by the band Brother Down (follow the links within this link).

Liturgical Notes 1

Here’s the first installment of what will (Lord willing) be a regular feature of this web-site.  I’m writing little tidbits on liturgy and music in order to help educate our local congregation as we grow in our use and understanding of liturgical music.  Since we use the Cantus Christi , most of the material will be drawn from there.

Liturgical Notes – Feb. 09