Reformed Liturgical Churches


Christ Covenant Church – (Langley, BC – CREC)

Christ Covenant Church – (Grand Prairie, AB – CREC)

Croatia (Dalmatia)

Protestant Reformed Christian Church (Šibenik)


Mitaka Evangelical Church – (Tokyo – CREC)


Slavic Reformation Society

United States of America

All Saints Presbyterian Church (Lancaster, PA – CREC)

Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church (Englewood, CO – EPC) [sample liturgy]

Christ Church (Cary, NC – CREC)

Christ Church (Moscow, ID – CREC)

Christ Church (Santa Clarita, CA – CREC)

Christ Church Lakeland (Lakeland, FL – CREC)

Christ Church of Livingstone County (Howell, MI – CREC) [sample liturgy]

Christ Church of Morgantown (Morgantown, WV – CREC)

Christ Church of Medford (Medford, OR – CREC)

Christ Church of Searcy (Searcy, AL – CREC)

Christ Church Presbyterian (Branchville, AL)

Christ Church Presbyterian (Augusta, GA – PCA)

Christ Church Presbyterian (Birmingham, AL – CREC)

Christ Church Twin Cities (Minnetonka, MN – CREC)

Christ Covenant Church (Copiague, NY – CREC)

Christ Covenant Church of Chicago (Schaumburg, IL – CREC)

Christ the King Church (Eugene, OR – CREC)

Christ the King Church (Springfield, MO – CREC)

Christ the King Presbyterian Church (Raleigh – PCA)

Christ the Redeemer Church (Pella, IA – CREC)

Christ Our King Presbyterian Church (Columbia, MO – PCA)

Christ Reformed Church (Anaheim, CA – URCNA)

Christ Reformed Church (Meeker, CO – CREC)

Christ Reformed Evangelical Church (Annapolis, MD – CREC)

Church of the Cross (San Marcos, TX – PCA)

Church of the King (Sacramento, CA – CREC)

Cliffwood Presbyterian (Augusta, GA – PCA)

Communion Presbyterian Church (Irvine, CA – ARP)

Community Presbyterian Church (Louisville, KY – PCA)

Cornerstone Presbyterian Church (Franklin, TN – PCA)

Cornerstone Reformed Church (Carbondale, IL – CREC)

Covenant Heritage Reformed Fellowship (Newport News, VA – CREC)

Covenant Presbyterian Church (Sun City West, AZ – PCA)

Covenant Presbyterian Church (Columbia, SC  – PCA)

Covenant Reformed Presbyterian Church (Knoxville, TN – CREC)

Emmanuel Covenant Church (Phoenix, AZ – CREC)

Exile Presbyterian Church (Woodinville), WA – PCA)

Faith Presbyterian Church (Tacoma, WA – PCA)

First Baptist Church (Rossville, TN – Reformed Baptist)

Grace Covenant Church (Nacogdoches, TX – CREC)

Grace and Peace Presbyterian Church (California, MD – OPC) [sample liturgy]

Grace Stillwater (Stillwater, OK – PCA)

Heritage Covenant Church (Weatherford, TX – CREC)

Heritage Presbyterian Church (Edmond, OK – PCA)

Hickory Withe Presbyterian Church (Eads, TN – PCA)

Holy Trinity Reformed Church (Concord, NC – CREC)

Holy Trinity Reformed Evangelical Church (Greenville, SC – CREC)

Immanuel Presbyterian Church (Clinton, MS – CREC)

Indepenent Presbyterian Church (Savannah, GA)

John Knox Presbyterian Church (Ruston, LA – PCA)

Lehigh Valley Presbyterian Church (Allentown, PA – PCA)

Michiana Covenant Church (Granger, IN – OPC/PCA)

New Hope Reformed Church (Mount Vernon, KY)

New Life Presbyterian Church (Virginia Beach, VA – PCA)

Oceanside United Reformed Church (Carlsbad, CA – URCNA) [sample liturgies]

Park Cities Presbyterian Church (Dallas, TX – PCA)

Parish Presbyterian Church (Franklin, TN – PCA)

Pasadena United Reformed Church (Pasadena, CA – URCNA)

Providence Church (Lynchburg, VA – CREC) [sample liturgy]

Providence Church (Pensacola, FL – CREC)

Providence Presbyterian Church (Chilhowie, VA – OPC)

Providence Presbyterian Church (Temecula, CA – OPC)

Providence Presbyterian Church (Spartanburg, SC – PCA)

Providence Reformed Evangelical Church (Grand Junction, CO – CREC) [sample liturgy]

Providence Reformed Presbyterian Church (St. Louis, MO – PCA)

Redeemer Orthodox Presbyterian Church (Carlisle, PA – OPC)

Redeemer Presbyterian Church (Overland Park, KS – PCA)

Redeemer Presbyterian Church (Austin, TX – PCA)

Redeemer Reformed Church (Oklahoma City, OK – Independent) [sample liturgy]

Reformation Covenant Church  (Oregon City, OR – CREC) [sample liturgy]

Rock Presbyterian Church (Greenwood, SC – EPC)

Saint Peter Presbyterian Church (Bristol, TN/ Mendota, VA – CREC)

Salem Reformed Church (Rome, GA – CREC)

St. David’s Church (Houston, TX – CREC)

St. Luke’s Reformed Episcopal Church (Santa Ana, CA – Reformed Episcopalian Church) [a sample Anglican liturgy would be quite lengthy, but this is a good summary of the principles behind it]

St. Mark Reformed Church (Nashville, TN – CREC)

Trinity Church (Coeur d’Alene, ID – CREC)

Trinity Covenant Church (Wichita, KS – CREC)

Trinity Evangelical Church (Phoenix, AZ- Independent)

Trinity Presbyterian Church (Birmingham, AL – CREC)

Trinity Presbyterian Church (Valparaiso, FL – CREC)

Trinity Reformation Church (Salem, OR – CREC)

Trinity Reformed Church (Edgewood, NM – CREC)

Trinity Reformed Church (Rossville, TN – Independant)

Trinity Reformed Church (Moscow, ID – CREC)

Note: because people are quick to assume things, especially on the internet, we have to make a boring and obvious distinction between giving a link to a church, and officially endorsing a church. The samples above are listed as examples of liturgies that embody both Reformed & catholic principles. We are not saying you should go to any of these churches just because they have a sound liturgy! On the other hand, we have not knowingly listed any churches that are heretical (though some might disagree). In fact, our selection probably offends people in all camps, which means we’re walking right down the middle of the road … which is what we want to do. If you feel slighted, would like to be affirmed, or think your liturgy would fit well here, politely ask us if we’re interested:

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