Church Year

Ordo Calendar from – keep track of the Church Year!


“The Church year, or to use the term preferred in Latin documents, the liturgical year is the commemorative celebration, throughout a calendar year, of the saving deeds God accomplished in Jesus Christ … Christian faith thus takes concrete and effective form in the liturgical year, and this year becomes the comprehensive self-expression of the Church, while at the same time contributing to the consolidation and building up of Christian life” (Adolf Adam, The Liturgical Year, vii & ix).



Adolf Adam – The Liturgical Year (Roman Catholic perspective, with good history and explanation of how the Roman rite has changed after Vatican II.  Good for realzing how messy church history is.)


The Lectionary Page

The Voice

“Is Advent Christian?” – Dr. Robert Rayburn

“Keeping the Fast by Keeping the Feast” – Biblical theology of feasting and fasting by Pastor Toby Sumpter

“The Most Wonderful Time of the Year? A Defense of Christmas” – Rev. Jeffrey J. Meyers

“Was Easter Borrowed from a Pagan Holiday?” – Anthony McRoy

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