The Company of the Fathers

The Company of the Fathers is starting up again!  We are reading Tertullian’s Apology right now, and it is startling to realize that the Church has weathered all the same problems, hundreds of years ago.  Our economy may be in the tank, but the Church has been through all this many times before.  We suffer from a lack of perspective, and one of the best ways to gain a more balanced view of history (and our place in it) is to read the Church Fathers.  Join us!

Society for the Study of Eastern Orthodoxy and Evangelicalism

As a follow-up to the last post, I just learned that The Society for the Study of Eastern Orthodoxy and Evangelicalism is starting up again.  Anyone interested in being on the mailing list should contact Brock Bingaman at Loyola University Chicago: BBINGAM@LUC.EDU


King’s Meadow Endurance Team

This Christmas, consider supporting the King’s Meadow Endurance Team.  George Grant is an advocate for substantive, classical Reformed liturgy, and they have exciting plans to expand into a full liberal arts college! 

Read a more detailed letter here.

Call for Editors & Writers

Although this site continues to get steady traffic, I find myself too busy in my family and my studies to develop it as it could be.  If anyone out there would like to contribute, either as a writer or an editor, let me know.  The original vision was for this site to be a resource, and the more heads involved, the merrier!  E-mail me at

Academic Mission Opportunity

I came across an exciting mission opportunity for academics.  This organization sends Christian teachers into other countries, finding positions for them in secular universities.  A quote on their home-page says it all: 

“The university is a clear-cut fulcrum with which to move the world. Change the university and you change the world,”
declared Dr. Charles Malik, former president of the United Nations General Assembly and Security Council.

Wanted – Reformed Liturgical Pastor

I wanted to let the Reformed liturgical community know of an opportunity for a pastor who wants to lead a congregation in substantive liturgical worship. 

Providence Church is a small congregation in Greenville, NC, with loads of enthusiasm for solid preaching and Reformed/catholic liturgy.  Greenville is a university town, and the strategic center of Eastern NC. 

Interested parties may contact Pastor Virgil Hurt [].

Evangelical Catholic Church & Paedocommunion

Lately, I’ve been trying to understand Anglicanism, and a sticking point has been the issue of paedocommunion.  My two oldest boys (3 and 2) both eagerly look forward to the Supper, and the oldest almost broke into tears when we visited an Anglican church and he realized he couldn’t have the “Body Jesus”.  In particular, I don’t understand the dichotomy between baptism and confirmation.  So, I was happy to find folks arguing for a return to the ancient church’s practice, and that of the East, which seems to have been a unitary and all-encompassing act, which gave children entrance to the Table.  You can find a link at The Thinklings (a site I manage for fun).