“I have always loved music.  He who knows this art is in the right frame, and fitted for every good pursuit.  We can not do without music in our schools.  A schoolmaster must know how to sing, or I would not allow him to teach.  Nor ought we to ordain young theologians to the sacred office, unless they have first been well-tried and practiced in the art in the school.” – Martin Luther (Henry Barnard, German Teachers and Educators, 158-159).

The Liturgy Fellowship

Cardiphonia – songwriter and worship leader Bruce Benedict’s very helpful site.

Doxology and Theology – “We exist to promote gospel-centered worship by connecting and equipping worship leaders. This is a community promoted by worship leaders/pastors for worship leaders/pastors.”

Ancient Faith Radio  Orthodox Music

The Genevan Psalter – very helpful site maintained by Prof. David Koyzis (Redeemer University College)

The Genevan Psalter Resource Center – “This website is intended as a center for resources and information relating to the Genevan Psalter, including any and all articles, sheet music, recordings, books, websites and metrical translations based on it.”

Heart and Voice – resources for 4-part congregational singing.

the Hymnary – tons of resources!

Worship in Harmony – resources for learning to sing in 4-Part Harmony from Canon Press.

Cantus Christi Hymnal – audio files for learning 4-Part Harmony with the  Cantus Christi.

A Novice’s Guide to Directing the Church Choir – Kenneth T. Kosche (very helpful!  Kosche writes from a Lutheran perspective, and understands the basic nature of liturgical music, rather than performance/entertainment music in church.)

Choral Wiki  – thousands of free scores in the public domain, along with MIDI files to hear much of them.

Orthodox Chant



John M. Frame – Contemporary Worship Music: A Biblical Defense (1997).  One of the leading Reformed theologians of our time defends what some think is indefensible.  Someone you just hate to disagree with …

T.M. Moore – Redeeming Pop Culture: A Kingdom Approach (2003).  Basic introduction to thinking through the nature and effects of pop culture.

Lawrence C. Roff – Let Us Sing: Worshipping God with Our Music  (1984).  Published by the OPC and intended for classes, a short and useful overview of hymnody in history.


Charles L. Etherington – Protestant Worship Music: Its History and Practice (1962) [review]


E. Michael Jones – Dionysos Rising: The Birth of Cultural Revolution Out of the Spirit of Music (1994).  Not for the faint-hearted or closed minded.  Jones will take you places you don’t want to go, but you need to follow the argument until the bitter end.  Don’t disagree with him before reading the book.

Peter J. Leithart – From Silence to Song: The Davidic Liturgical Revolution


Rev. Gregg Strawbridge –Music in the Bible & Music on the Radio

3 thoughts on “Music

  1. I hit this sight looking for a reformed church in greenville….is there one??? As far as I can tell from this sight there is not.

  2. Craig,

    There used to be a CREC plant in Greenville (NC). But, it shut down. There is a PCA church, as well, but it is not liturgical (in the narrow sense of the word).

    There is a very liturgical CREC church in Greenville (SC) – Holy Trinity Reformed Church. There’s a link to it on our “Churches” page.

  3. Some recordings from the Cantus Christi are available at WORDMP3.COM. More will be coming early next year, -the entire hymnal, if the vocalist gets his act together.

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